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Food Equipment Snow Cone Machine

Food Equipment Snow Cone Machine

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Create delicious, refreshing snow cones with the Paragon Arctic Blast snow cone machine.

Great for the summer months or for special events, from fairs and carnivals to private birthday parties, this snow cone machine is an easy way to expand your menu offerings. The top-mount ice shaver operates quickly for snow cones on demand, creating up to 500 lb. of ice per hour! Fortunately for small concession stands, food trucks, and rental companies, the machine doesn't take up much space.

500 lb. Per Hour

This snow cone machine features a top-mount ice shaver with a 1/3 hp motor to process up to 500 lb. of ice per hour for maximum output. Combined with a compact footprint, the unit is perfect for areas with limited space, from ice cream trucks to concession stands.

Built to Last

It has a stainless steel and aluminum construction for long-lasting durability, and its powder coat finish creates a cool, enticing appearance that resists chipping. The tinted high impact polycarbonate side panels are colored blue to help protect the ice inside from exterior light and heat while giving the ice a smoother, chillier look.

Smart Features

A slanted drain deck helps siphon melted runoff from the bottom of the machine so your ice lasts longer. Plus, to help attract customers and improve impulse sales, both a back-lit sign and a lighted serving compartment are built-in.