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Automotive Brake Lining Machine
Automotive Brake Lining Machine

Automotive Brake Lining Machine

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1. Suitable for riveting round head, half hollow rivet, automatic feeding device, can be riveted on and on.
2. Clamping by high-performance material and punch, the riveting intensity is high, mold replacement can be riveting of different specifications of the rivet.
3. Our riveting machine is mainly suitable for brake lining/pads, brake shoe, steel furniture, baby carrier, fitness equipment, and stationery and hardware industries half hollow rivet, rivet to arrange input, artifacts into can be riveting, riveting quality reliable flanging forming beautiful and smooth, no damage to the rivet surface coating and the original work, pleasing, and adjustment is easy to operate.

Model automatic feed electric clutch plate brake lining shoe rivet machine
Rivet Head diameter φ6-12mm
Rivet diameter φ3-10mm
Rivet length 5-18mm
Head central distance  35(updated)-365mm
Throat depth 440mm
Motor 1/2HP
Machine dimensions(L*W*H) 40*44*55" inches
Net weight 430kg
Gross weight 565kg
Packing  Wooden cases