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Buy Now, Pay Later (Caribbean,South America)

Slice up the payments on your purchase!


YES Financing


We have partnered with a Caribbean company to provide you with financing on your purchases so that you can slice up your payments over time!


It’s simple and easy

When you slice up your payments with YES, you will know exactly how much you pay each month and in total.

You’ll get a speedy decision on whether you're approved with just simple information - no bank account or credit card required.*

*Applicable to some islands


1. Create an account

2. Add your items to cart

2. Contact us

After that, complete all future purchases with YES are seamless


Safe and Secure

Legacy uses modern safeguards and security to protect your information and prevent unauthorized purchases. You have zero fraud liability with YES's Buyer Protection policy.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Legacy Financing?

A: Is an affordable and highly flexible financing option which is offered for this store.


Q: How does financing with Legacy work?

A: It’s simple! Finanacing is available for everything that is listed in our store, slice up your purchases over time. Just choose the payment option that works best for you when you contact us and you will know shortly if you are approved, then you complete the purchase.

You will receive an email notification of your purchase from us and you can manage your account here.


Q. How do I apply to access Legacy Financing

A. In order to apply for the program a customer is required to submit the following:

  • Valid ID

  • Job letter (not more than 3 months old)

  • Pay slip (not more than (1  month old) Self Employed persons a Bank Statement fr 3-6 months

  • Utility bill – proof of address (not more than 1 month old)

  • References information – 1 family member and 1 friend

Q. What value of transaction can I conduct?

A. Financing is between $1000 - $40,000. (depending on the currency)


Q. How long does my application take to process?

A. Account information will be reviewed within 48 hours.


Q. What is the repayment period?

A. Customers have the option to repay within 6 – 36 months.


Q: How can I reach Legacy?

A: You can reach Legacy anytime through our contact form, online chat, email or phone