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What Is Roll Ice Cream

Roll Ice Cream

Desserts are a must have, and everyone has a sweet tooth to an extent. Ice cream is a kind of dessert which can be eaten in winter with as much eagerly as in summer. Moreover, winter and ice creams are an old-school love affair. Everyone would like a scoop of ice cream (if not the whole bowl). We could find different flavors of ice cream; however, roll ice cream is something which is loved by everyone nowadays.

Roll Ice Cream

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Rolled food had universal lovers, and almost everyone has at least one rolled food as his favorite. Different rolled food includes burritos, crepes, enchiladas, California rolls. Now people can also fall in love with another type of rolled desserts called “Roll ice cream.”

These are also known as ice cream rolls. These are handmade dessert ice cream made with milk and can be made by pouring milk on an iced grill. You can also put mixed fruit and other ingredients on ice-pan.

Ice cream rolls have been around since 2009 and were only made in Thailand because it wasn’t popular then and it was made by only mixing a few ingredients together with fruits and candies. These were also called Thai ice cream. These ice creams were sold by only a few vendors even because of less popularity at that time. It was after a few years when roll ice creams started becoming popular in countries outside of Thailand. Around 2011-2012 the roll ice cream started making waves in every country around the world. Malaysia and Cambodia were among the first countries to adopt roll ice cream trend. It was in 2015 when ice roll ice creams went viral around the globe.

How is it made?

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It is made by making a steel plate chilled below a freezing point. The main ingredient is the milk base, and you can combine it with any of the mixed ingredients you like. Soy or dairy milk both can be used according to one’s choice. The (soy or dairy) which is mixed with fruit, coffee or any other ingredients you like is used. This mixture is stirred gently when it is crystallizing until it becomes creamy. Then the person can make ice cream rolls by pouring it on the chilled plate.

First get the milk base of your choice (soy or dairy) and then the ingredients which need to be added to the milk. The ingredients used in the mixture can be chosen among green tea, red beans, chocolates, coffee and even fruits. You can also use extract powder or even syrups to add the flavor. The temperature is kept around -18 to -35 degree Celsius in order to make the ice cream rolls. Ice cream rolls can be made both on machines as well as at home.

How does the Machine work?

Two metal spatulas are used to mix and stir the mixture of ice cream and then the ice cream is made. The ice cream machine will add the nuts and ice cream topping on the ice cream by itself. The masher keeps mixing and stirring it and then a scoop is created. It is made only in 5-10 seconds and can be enjoyed in hot summer weather or on a chilly night.

 You can make it at home

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Find a thick piece of stone or slab which is at least 1 inch thick (or more). The thickness of the slab will be a plus point for you to make the ice cream rolls. First of all, keep the slab in the freezer for at least an hour. After keeping it in the freezer, you can gather other items required for making ice cream rolls which included pastry scraper, handled paint scraper, bowls, and ingredients for any kind of toppings you like. Most important of all these items is a chilled ice cream base. Once the stone slab is frozen, you can take it out of the freezer and put it on a damp kitchen towel. Pour the chilled ice cream base on the slab (about a cup) and spread it in circles on the slab until you find it freezing on the slab. Now take the scraper and scrape the base by starting from closest to your body and away towards the end of the slab. Now arrange the ice cream rolls in a serving bowl and put ice cream toppings over it. You can use syrups, chocolate chips, nuts or any kind of ice cream toppings you like.

No other ice cream is better once you have tasted ice cream rolls. What makes these rolls perfect is the ice cream roll served in the bubble waffle. It adds to the taste and makes the ice cream roll eating experience the best.

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Written by Qurat -ul-Ain

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