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Starting The Roll Ice Cream Business

As summer approaches, the roll or Thai ice cream is one of the most brilliant business ideas that can come across your mind. Everyone will be selling ice cream but the approach you use will make your brand to stand out from the crowd. There are so many perks to starting your own roll ice cream business whether you just love ice cream rolls or wish to change your career.


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The advantage of Thai ice cream is that it comes in various styles and colors that are visually appealing. You will find people buying ice cream rolls and leaving those ordinary products they are used to seeing every day. Remember you control the ingredients and you put on the show. All you need is some level of creativity that will help you to come up with exclusive designs that will attract the attention of the target audience. This approach will give you a competitive edge in the market and significantly increase your volume of sales.

Maybe you want to open a roll ice cream wholesale shop or will be selling your products on an ice cream stand. The tips provided below will be of great help whether you will be whole selling or retailing your products. The most important thing is to record a significant level of success once you hit the ground running.

  1. Develop a Business Plan

Like any other business, you need to develop a business plan for your roll ice cream business. A business plan is typically a blueprint of the enterprise. The elements that will form your business plan include the budget, flavors, and ingredients. It will assist you to see your current accomplishments, goals, and wants in a single piece of paper. Be keen to undertake an in-depth market survey to help you understand the needs of your target clients as you continue to plan. The underlying factor is to deliver Thai ice cream that meet the taste and preferences of the customers.You can take a look at the following free resources to get some guidance on creating the ideal plan. 1, 2,  3 Link 1 and 2 are for Ice cream and link 3 is for shaved ice/lollies another product that goes well with ice cream shops.

  1. Choose the Type of Roll Ice Cream for Your Business

There are various designs, flavors and special niches for ice cream rolls in the market. In fact, you can add to the body of knowledge in coming up with something that is new. Curiosity will make customers to develop the desire of tasting the new roll ice cream in the market. You will develop a loyal customer base as long as they discover that you have exceeded their expectations. Choosing excellent designs for Thai ice creams will guarantee you endless benefits from your ice cream rolls business.

  1. The Business Must Meet All the Legal Requirements

Make sure your enterprise is legit whether you are setting up a mobile business or you will be operating from a physical building. Let the legal division of your city provide you with the required license of running your ice cream business. There requirements may vary from one state to another and you need to do some research on what is expected of you. Being a food business, you may also be required to get certification from the health department. Also, conduct the employment department of your state for advice if you will be employing some staff. Make sure you get approval of all the required documents before you begin to prepare and sell your roll ice cream.

  1. Put Together All the Equipment and Restaurant Supplies the Business Will Need

You will obviously require some equipment and supplies to prepare the ice cream rolls. The roll ice cream machine you buy depends on the size of your business and type of products you wish to product. Make sure you are buying genuine machines from reputable suppliers. You can always count on Your Everything Supplier to always have quality machines at affordable prices. After all, who wants a machine that will stop working even before the business breaks even.

Have the right size of equipment depending on your business needs so that you don’t overload them. There are several roll ice cream machines that are tailored to meet different business needs. Just make sure that you are choosing the right product to avoid any form of disappointments. You may also need a 2018 double pan or a portable/tabletop model based on your requirements. Feel free to browse our many Roll Ice Cream machines, concession equipment, coffee printer, late printer, and bubble waffle. The beauty of it is that you can always upgrade as your business needs keep on changing.


  1. Start Selling You Ice Cream Rolls

After meeting all the above criteria, it is now time to start preparing and selling your fried ice creams. Use your secret recipes and Thai ice cream machines to start making high quality products. Make sure you know the right ice cream toppings as they are the major selling points in the ice cream business. Now that it’s a new business, collect customer feedback and use the information you gather to improve your level of customer service. You will discover that your roll ice cream business will break even within no time.


 6. Contact Us

If you are starting your first store or expanding we would gladly help you, by offering packages that suit your very specific needs. We even offer financing, for those who want to start and don't have all of the cash up front.  So you can hop on a chat, send us an email or simply give us a phone call and we can give you a free consultation. We also offer a free starter kits of 100 cups, spoons, 2 scrapers per pan, recipe book, tutorials and an online class on making roll ice cream with every machine purchase.


Look at these two inspirational stories of persons who created a business from Roll Ice Cream and know that you can do it as well.



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Written by: Myra R.A.


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  • Hey I looked over your website and I would love to get some more information on how you guys can help to get a started with the ice cream roll business. My contact number is 8136132481.

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