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Recipes: Mixed Fruit

This is a great fusion of different fruits and frozen creams. The taste of mix fruit roll ice cream craves you for more. One can make fusion of kiwi and strawberry or any other fruit as per their choice. Addition of some crushed chocolate will make it even tastier.

Yield: 2-12oz cups or 4-6oz cups



  • 2 cups base
  • Slices of kiwi and strawberry (choice of fruit is changeable)
  • Crushed chocolate chips
  • Syrup (of choice)



  1. Turn on your Legacy Original Equipment machine in anticipation to prepare the ice cream rolls Add base cream along with two slices each of kiwi and strawberry
  2. Use spatula to crush fruits in pieces to make smooth cream
  3. Spread mixture of fruits and cream evenly on ice cream pan
  4. Add some crushed chocolate chips
  5. Allow the mixture to remain on the pan for 25 to 30 seconds
  6. With help of spatula, create the rolls and place them in a cup
  7. After placing rolls in cup, one can add cream and syrup to complete mix fruit ice cream rolls
  8. Mix fruit ice cream rolls is ready to serve






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