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How to analyze if an online store is safe to make a purchase

Online stores have made shopping a breeze. They offer a lot of convenience over the traditional brick and mortar stores. You can easily browse a number of products with a few clicks from the convenience of your home or office. You can compare the products, their prices from different stores and make the best decision. However, with all these conveniences it also becomes our responsibility to choose the right online stores that are secure and trustworthy so, that we are safe from any frauds or scams.

We all have heard of one or another story about online frauds and scams. We almost on daily basis receive many spam emails that aim to steal our bank or card details. When hackers and spammers find new ways to commit online financial crimes and frauds, it becomes really important for a user to know how to stay safe from online scams and frauds.

Here are a few tips that will help you stay safe while shopping online and finding the right website to make a purchase:

Https and Green Padlock: Always check the address bar, and enter your card details for payment only if the website has https and a green padlock sign. It ensures that website is encrypted and hackers can’t easily steal your card information. Here is an example how it looks when you are using Google Chrome:


Website has a physical address and phone number: It is important that you check the website for a physical address and phone number before placing an order. A website without a physical address and phone number can be suspicious.

Terms, Refund policy, and Privacy policy: Before you proceed to spend your hard earned money on an online purchase, always ensure that you’ve acquainted yourself with the website’s terms, refund and privacy policy. If you agree with the website’s terms only then proceed further.

Prices are genuine: If you come across any offers that sound unbelievable and prices are too low to be true, STOP! It may just be a scam to shell money out of your pocket. Almost all online stores run promotional offers from time to time, however, if prices are too low than competitors, there can be something shabby. So, proceed with caution.

Product and website reviews: It is a nice idea to do a quick research to find if that the website is genuine. The easiest way is to look for the reviews. Search on Google and find what people are saying about that online store. Check social media pages of the store to find how people have reviewed and interacted with the website’s support team. If all looks good, go ahead with your purchase.

A little research and alertness can help you stay away from a bad online experience. We hope above tips help you with the better online shopping experience. We give the first priority to your security and privacy at Your Everything Supplier so, that you can shop without any fears.

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